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My group seeks quantitative insight into the processes that break rock down and move sediment across landscapes. To obtain this insight, we use a variety of geochemical, isotopic, and geophysical methods to measure properties of the surface and shallow subsurface. Together these measurements reveal patterns of erosion, weathering, regolith formation, and biogeochemical cycling. This work is vital to understanding connections between life and landscapes and to making advances in understanding how humans and natural processes shape Earth's dynamic surface.

Recent Highlights

Bedrock CZN funded in new NSF grant

The Bedrock CZN will use drilling, sampling and imaging to explore connections betwwen subsurface weathering and surface processes at seven sites spanning the coterminous US. It involves collaborations with a transdisciplinary "dream" team of colleagues at eight institutions across the country

Graduate student research opportunity

I am looking to recruit PhD and MS students for our new NSF-funded project focused on understanding links between the deep and near surface critical zone. Contact me by e-mail Email or using the form below for more information.

New paper published in GRL

Graduate student Russell Callahan's work on quantifying subsurface porosity distributions is now in print in Geophysical Research Letters.

Asst. Prof. Claire Lukens to start at UC Merced

Former PhD student Claire Lukens will start as an assistant professor at UC Merced in early 2021. Check out her exciting research here.

Sarah Granke successfully defends MS thesis

MS student Sarah Granke recently defended her MS thesis and has landed a job as a staff geologist at Terraphase Engineering in Oakland, California.

Asst. Prof. Jesse Hahm now at SFU

Former master's student Jesse Hahm is now an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University. Check out his exciting research and group here.

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